Structure of Glycoprotein and Carbohydrate Chain
[ Japanese version ]

1a4g (Chain A) [PDB]
1afa [PDB]
1agm [PDB]
1aoz (Chain A) [PDB]
1ax0 [PDB]
1azx [PDB]
1bhg (Chain A) [PDB]
1btc* [PDB]
1bzb [PDB]
1c58 (Chain A) [PDB]
1cap [PDB]
1ckl*  |  Chain A-C Select Asn49,Asn80 (Chain A-C) [PDB]
1cqf [PDB]
1ct1 [PDB]
1cvi* [PDB]
1cvn (Chain A) [PDB]
1cvu [PDB]
1cxf [PDB]
1cxk [PDB]
1d1k [PDB]
1d3c [PDB]
1d7w (Chain A,C) [PDB]
1dan [PDB]
1dbn (Chain A) [PDB]
1dbo [PDB]
1dn2* [PDB]
1dog [PDB]
1dp5* [PDB]
1dpj* [PDB]
1e03* [PDB]
1e05* [PDB]
1e0o* [PDB]
1e4k [PDB]
1e71* [PDB]
1f6a [PDB]
1f88 (Chain A) [PDB]
1fc1 Select Asn297 (Chain A,B) [PDB]
1fcp* [PDB]
1fcv* [PDB]
1fi1* [PDB]
1fih [PDB]
1frt [PDB]
1fv3 (Chain B) [PDB]
1fzc (Chain A,B,C,G,I) [PDB]
1g0v* [PDB]
1g1r [PDB]
1g1t [PDB]
1g9j [PDB]
1g9m [PDB]
1gah Select acarbose [PDB]
1gai* [PDB]
1gca [PDB]
1glm [PDB]
1gpe [PDB]
1gya (Model 1) Select Asn65 [PDB]
1gzw [PDB]
1h3v* [PDB]
1h3x* [PDB]
1h3y [PDB]
1h4p (Chain A)* [PDB]
1hd4 (Model 1) [PDB]
1hgg [PDB]
1hm2 [PDB]
1i1a* [PDB]
1i1c [PDB]
1igy [PDB]
1iis* [PDB]
1iix [PDB]
1ing (Chain A)* [PDB]
1inh (Chain A) [PDB]
1iny [PDB]
1j8r [PDB]
1jso [PDB]
1kj2* [PDB]
1kjl [PDB]
1ken (Chain A-F) [PDB]
1l6x* [PDB]
1l7f [PDB]
1lgb [PDB]
1lgc* [PDB]
1loh [PDB]
1lte* [PDB]
1ltj (Chain A,B,C,G,H) [PDB]
1ltt (Chain D-H) [PDB]
1lxm* [PDB]
1lzj [PDB]
1m5m* [PDB]
1mco [PDB]
1mhl (Chain A,C) [PDB]
1mw0 [PDB]
1mwe* [PDB]
1n1f [PDB]
1n7q [PDB]
1n7r [PDB]
1nq9* [PDB]
1o7d* [PDB]
1op5 [PDB]
1oqo* [PDB]
1p2g* [PDB]
1p8j [PDB]
1ppi [PDB]
1q5b [PDB]
1qff* [PDB]
1qfo (Chain A) [PDB]
1qfu* [PDB]
1qjq [PDB]
1qnu [PDB]
1rne [PDB]
1slt (Chain A) [PDB]
1sr5* [PDB]
1t83* [PDB]
1t89 [PDB]
1tb6* [PDB]
1tyw* [PDB]
1ulf [PDB]
1vfu (Chain A) [PDB]
1vsg* Select Asn263 (Chain A,B) [PDB]
1xhb [PDB]
1xmn [PDB]
1yy9* [PDB]
1z2r (Chain A,B) [PDB]
1z32 [PDB]
1z6i [PDB]
1zag* [PDB]
2b5t [PDB]
2b8h [PDB]
2bf1 [PDB]
2bvk [PDB]
2chb [PDB]
2cn3 (Chain A) [PDB]
2d0g [PDB]
2dtw [PDB]
2dty [PDB]
2dvc [PDB]
2fcp* [PDB]
2h6o [PDB]
2i5y (Chain G,H,L,M) [PDB]
2msb (Chain B) [PDB]
2qwk [PDB]
3gbp [PDB]
3gly [PDB]
3hya* [PDB]
3pqr* [PDB | Kawakami Model (Japanese)]

Monosaccharides:  Gal (β-D-galactose)  | -Glc (β-D-glucose)  | Man (β-D-mannose)  | Fuc (α-L-fucose) )  | Xyl (β-D-xylose)  | Sia (ex. N-acetylneuraminic acid)  | GalNAc (N-acetyl-D-galactosamine)  | GlcNAc (N-acetyl-D-glucosamine)  | GlcA (β-D-glucuronic acid)  || All 9 Molecules

Backbone  Secondary Structure
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Colored Monosaccharides (Gal, -Glc, -Glc, Man, Fuc, Xyl, Sia, GalNAc, GlcNAc, GlcA) | Select Asn  Select Ser  Select Thr
Acidic/Neutral/Basic  Polar/Hydrophobic  Hydropathy Index  I/O  pI  Conformational Preferences (α-helix, β-strand#
Hydrogen Bonds (Bold Line)   OFF |   
Background Black  Gray  White
    'Amino' colors

    -- See Amino Acid Properties --
    Acidic, Neutral [Aromatic], Basic

      ASN  GLN  PRO  MET
        PHE  TYR  TRP  LYS  ARG  HIS
    Polar [Acidic, Basic], Nonpolar (Hydrophobic) 
    Hydropathy Index
      SER  THR  GLY
      TYR  TRP
      VAL  GLY  LEU


1fc1 (Asn297)

1cqf (Asn)

1gah (Asn, Ser, Thr)

1loh (Hyaluronate Lyase)

hyaluronic acid (-[-GlcA-GlcNAc-]-n)

1mhl (Chain A, C)

1bhg (Chain A)

2z55 (Chain A)

3pqr | Kawakami Model (Japanese) | GPCR(Japanese)


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