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Molecular Data Book was developed for educational purposes. Most of the molecules, except for polymers and salts (e.g. sodium acetate), were energy-optimized with MM2 or PM3 method.
{agricultural} : Agricultural chemicals.
{polymer} : A repeating unit of polymer. Because the data has lone pairs as dummy atoms, Electrostatic Potential and Molecular Lipophilicity Potential can not be displayed by ChemscapeChime.

An example of polymer model (PVAc).

Please download the archive for offline use! (754,797bytes) | mol_dbv1c.lzh (725,397bytes)
Extract the file in a new directory, and open "mol_db.html".

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Pocket Molecular Encyclopedia with Mobile 3-D Models on PC
(entirely in Japanese)
by Yoshio Honma & Jun Kawabata
Kodansha, Tokyo, Japan
The accompanying CD-ROM (Windows/Mac Hybrid, in Japanese) contains about 1,200 molecular structures in MDL-MOL format and the ChemscapeChime install program.

(since 22-May-2001)
(C) Copyright 2001-, Yoshio Honma, All rights reserved.

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